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Industrial Crane Rental and Transportation

We have a park of industrial cranes to make your project a reality.

We prepare the execution plan with you to give your project our added value, profesional years of experience.

We follow the most strict industrial safety standards, we will maintain the safety of your staff and your assets.

Our staff is certified and our equipment is properly maintained to minimize risks.

For greater simplicity of your projects, we have specialized transportation to take your equipment from one place to another to finally install it on site.

Transporte especializado


We take a tour of the maneuver area:

  • Scope understanding and steps

  • Risk detection.

  • Lift plan review and documentation.


We document all the important findings of the entire protocol to be executed for the work.

  • We deliver an execution and safety protocol


We put the plan into practice with all the considerations of:

  • Safety.

  • Quality.

  • Cost.

  • Time.

Success stories

We have a wide range of services, you imagine it, we build it


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